Online Marketing


We manage digital marketing campaigns spanning various industries & business styles. We understand that there is not one single platform or technique that works for everyone. We help companies decide upon how to get the best return.



What we do


PPC Management


We can implement & manage Pay Per Click campaigns for our clients. We ensure that the landing page is optimised, we use the most effective keywords – most importantly, we monitor the progress to eliminate wasted money.

SEO & Copywriting


Understanding how to describe your products or services is very important to the success of your website or marketing. We help to identify the best selling points & most effective phrases our clients should focus on.

Email Marketing


We produce mobile friendly emails for our clients, implementing email marketing platforms or working with the existing platform. We also create subscription forms & EU compliant privacy pages.

Social Media


Many companies use social media to promote their products or services, we can provide digital graphics that will be optimised for each specific social platform. We also help to construct successful social media posts.




Digital Advertising

We manage the social media & Google Ads accounts for a number of companies, overseeing the paid campaigns to ensure they are effective. Different platforms will be more effective for certain products or services, depending upon the goal.

If the product or service is quite high end, or if it is a very new product, a simple Facebook / Instagram awareness campaign may be more effective than a Google Ads campaign, as many people may not be aware of the product. But if the product / service is widely know of, a Google Ads campaign may be far more effective and cheaper.



SEO & PPC / AdWords

Using good website SEO techniques & some PPC (Google AdWords) advertising, we ensure that your search engine rankings are as good as they can be, we also create campaigns & monitor the success over time, to ensure your website is attracting the right customers.

On most occasions it is pretty simple to know how to target people. Many businesses can target their local area, using their products or services as their set of keywords & phrases.

But on some occasions, where the product is more technical & the audience is nationwide & more specific – it is more important to set goals & monitor the campaigns, to ensure that the correct audience is seeing your website & you are not wasting money on pointless advertising.



Social Media

We manage numerous social media accounts for various companies, including Facebook pages, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We ensure all images are optimised for each platform and help to write the text content for posts, using links & hashtags where necessary.

Some companies like to manage most of their own updates, posting relevant and topical updates, and we just help them to create more complex campaigns which involve liking the post to a blog article, or synchronising a set of posts across all platforms.


Tagging Products

For companies with an e-commerce website, we help them to add products to Facebook and Instagram, allowing them to tag their products in their posts. This can generate a fair amount of sales and traffic if done well.


Paid Advertising

Facebook advertising can be very beneficial and generate lots of sales, but we have found that certain types of products work better than others. So Facebook ads can be expensive and not very effective if used incorrectly. Also, with the introduction of Apple’s iOS privacy rules, it can now be difficult to measure the performance of Facebook ads.

With a long background in all forms of PPC advertising, we can be confident of creating effective campaigns without needing to track people. Using Google Analytics & well structured campaigns, you can run these campaigns blindly if you know what the outcomes have been in the past.



Work Examples



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