E-50 Exosomes Web Design

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The E-50 Exosomes web design project was intended to be as simple as possible, presenting the important product information on the home page. The purpose of the website was to introduce a new, revolutionary cosmetics product into the UK and raise awareness of the product.

Visit: www.e50exosomes.com


E Commerce Web Design

The E-50 product contains reprosomes tailored for skin rejuvenation, which means it can only be sold to verified customers. This changed the e-commerce web design functionality, forcing visitors to register / create an account before being able to buy the product. This needed to be made clear to the website visitors, and is also why the single page web design style was used.


Social Media & Marketing

Alongside the web design project, we created an Instagram account for E-50 Exosomes. We initially created 6 posts for the product introduction, but will continue to build the account as we grow the business & customer base, and will launch a number of paid advertising campaigns across Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness of the product.