Exciplex Web Design

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Exciplex is a new device that uses Monochromatic Excimer Light to treat autoimmune skin conditions. Due to the medical applications, we felt that the best way to promote it was to create this web design, generating blog articles and sharing the content via social media, rather than using PPC advertising which may not be as effective for a medical platform.

Visit: www.exciplex.co.uk
The web design has sections for patients and practitioners, separating the information into consumers and providers. Creating a simplified “how it works” section for patients, along with a number of “before & after” images displayed in an easy slideshow.

For practitioners we presented more technical information & system specifications, along with clinical case studies. We will continue to add more detailed information & studies to the web design as we go along.


Clinic Finder

We also added a Clinic Finder page, which lists the clinics throughout the UK that are currently offering Exciplex treatments, allowing people to search for their nearest clinic using the Google Maps API. This can serve as a great advert for both patients and practitioners, showing the popularity and demand for the treatments.