FF Health Experts Web Design

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FF Health Experts provide home, healthcare blood testing kits. They required a complete branding project & an unusual e-commerce web design with a number of specialist functionalities.

Each product required the customer to complete a questionnaire before being able to purchase the product. The completed order needed to be a downloadable PDF health report, which was only available to the specific customer. The website had to provide an easy to use solution, for both the staff & customers to process orders, providing a private user portal for each customer.

Visit: www.ffhealthexperts.com


When the blood test is returned by the customer, the results are processed in a laboratory and a PDF report is submitted into the customer’s online portal. The customer then has to log-in to their account to download the results. It was important to ensure the system worked well, and was easy for the staff to process orders, as the results obviously contained private medical information.


WordPress Web Design

The web design itself was built using WordPress, using a custom designed theme that has been tested thoroughly on all devices. The main goal was to make it very clear & easy to use, allowing customers to find products easily, and making it a simple process to purchase products.


We ensured that the SEO set up was very thorough, on all landing pages, by adding alternate tags and title tags wherever possible, and making sure each product was linked to from various pages.

Logo Design

We also created the logo design, which was intended to be simple & clean, but conveying the medical industry by using the caduceus / serpent symbol intertwined with the FF letters. The owner wanted to use a dark green colour, with various shades of green running throughout the website.