Glitter Body Art

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Glitter Body Art design & manufacture glitter tattoo stencils & accessories. They are an e-commerce business based in South Wales, taking many orders every day from all over the world.

Their business style is very fun & colourful, obviously using lots of glittery images & sparkly backgrounds to keep the theme consistent. Their main customer base are children’s party organizers, or party-goers.


Web Design

The main branded website is just a simple brochure / WordPress website, with very few pages or functionality. But the website remains very high in search engine rankings for all of their main keywords.



E Commerce Website Management

The Temporary Tattoo Store is their main e-commerce website. It was built mainly to improve the user experience, and to make it easier to manage the large number of products & volume of orders.

This website also calculates delivery / postage costs, depending upon the total weight of products being bought, and where the customer is situated (with different postage rates for UK, Europe & International countries).

Other reasons to create a secondary website were to target different keywords, and make the website mobile friendly.



Product Design

Their main product line is glitter tattoo stencils – but they also manufacture face painting stencils (below). Each of their products is first created as a vector illustration, which is then used to cut the product from different materials.

New products are added almost every week, and it is pretty exciting to see your drawings being turned into products & being sold the very same day!


Product Photography

Product images are very important to an e-commerce website. The customer needs to see exactly what they are getting – and when it comes to colour accuracy, it’s extra important for these products.

Glitter is notoriously difficult to photograph. Getting the lighting right is essential, and you can’t use a flash, as it will create a glare in the finished image.


Promotional Graphics

This business is fairly seasonal, and they need to update their website constantly to promote events, like Easter or Halloween. So we created a number of graphical buttons for the home page, to direct customers to the appropriate product pages.


Packaging Design

Product packaging is also very important. One of the best sellers on the website are the kits, or gift sets. This gives customers everything they need to create a glitter tattoo. We produced a number of boxes with different themes, to create gift set products.


Social Media Graphics

As an online business, it’s essential for them to keep promoting themselves on social media. We create many graphic designs specifically for this – to promote new products or provide coupon codes for regular customers.