My Detox Diet Web Design

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My Detox Diet are a London based company who sell vegan food plans, soups & juice cleanses. They required a complete re-design of their website, as their previous website was not generating many orders. The main goal was to completely simplify the ordering process, making it as easy as possible for customers to find products, understand the different plans and to choose specific delivery options.

We first needed to simplify the product choices on the website. The previous web design had lots of different products, which were buried deep into the website… so they weren’t easy to find unless you really looked for them. We simplified the products, creating just 6 variable products where customers could easily select their chosen plan duration & delivery date.

We also made it incredibly easy to find the products, using obvious navigation & big product buttons on the home page. So there are various ways for a customer to find each product. Creating variable products also improved the SEO, as we could refine the product pages and include lots of important information.

We then created a number of delivery options, so customers can easily select their delivery date. And for certain products, we created an online form where they can Mix & Match a number of different items in one order.

The new website was launched in June 2019, so there will be a period of further testing & tweaking… after seeing how customers interact with the website. But within 1 week of launching the updated web design, we took a number of orders totalling over £600, so we can safely say it is an improvement.
The project also involved a complete re-working of the SEO, including a Blog functionality & Newsletter system… also using Google Analytics to set up goals, so we can see how sales and traffic are improving… and identify where possible problems are.