Social Media Content Creation

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For various companies we design graphics for use on social media, mainly Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Mostly we encourage the business owners to manage the bulk of their social media posts, as the personal touch is always more effective. But we supply graphics & content for when they require a more specific, bespoke design.

When the business owner has no time for content creation, and writing stuff to go with their posts… we take over this responsibility, ensuring we post content that is specific to each business, consistent and relevant.


Video Content Creation

Occasionally we produce simple slideshow videos for Instagram or Facebook, for when a company wants to post something more unique or engaging. Very often people will scroll past posts unless you grab their attention within 2 or 3 seconds. So we try to make slideshows that present movement quite quickly.

Using MP4 videos with short playtimes, you can keep the file size quite low, so they do not take long to load and retain crisp quality. Most of our slideshows are simply images faded into each other, but we have worked with motion video & various effects – but the simple ones are usually more effective.


Social Media Competitions

A number of our clients create regular competitions on social media, mostly on Facebook as you can more easily direct people to a website. For Instagram you need to make it a bit more obvious and are just trying to encourage interaction & comments.


The two competitions above generated a fair amount of engagement. Most people love a cup of tea! By using Photoshop we created 3 cups of tea with different colours / strengths, then asked people which they preferred. And being a Welsh company, a rugby competition always gets people involved… if posted shortly before an important international match.


Synchronising Campaigns

When a client asks us to create content for their social media accounts, we often need to produce a few different graphics, with different sizes for the best fit on different platforms.

We also ensure all posts are generated at the same time, often alongside a blog article on their website & an email newsletter – so every avenue of digital marketing is being used at the same time to maximise exposure, and there is an actual target for their campaigns.

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