Blogging, Reviews & Social Media

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If you have some spare time on your hands, use it productively & make improvements to your website. In 4 to 6 weeks, you will see a rise in your search engine rankings.

We create several websites each month, many of these websites will be for cosmetic clinics with similar services. On most occasions, the website that we build will get into the top 5 on search engines for their area, but in some cases we need to further improve the website, if they have strong competition in their area.

The best way to achieve this is to continually create high quality content on your website, which is relevant to your business or products. This can include getting real reviews from real customers, updating your website content with original text, creating a blog / news section on the website & using social media.


Create a Blog

Blogging is the best way to create quality content, but can be time-consuming, and not all of us are great at creative writing. But if you can write a useful article about your business or services, try to write something that will be genuinely interesting to your potential customers, this will be picked up by search engines.


How does Blogging improve my rankings?

A search engine’s results are based on information, the words on your website determine how a search engine finds it. So, if you create many different terms & phrases on your website, sentences that describe your products or services, you are increasing the chance of hitting the random string of words someone will type into a search engine. If you match what they are typing accurately, it’s very likely that you will appear in the top 5 results.


Get Real Reviews

There are a few ways to get real reviews, using a platform like Trustpilot is great, because these will be 100% verified & genuine reviews. Or using Google Maps, if you have a business listing on Google Maps, people can add reviews here, which will always be verified & 100% genuine.
For a locally based business, we would recommend using Google Maps to add your business address, because these results will often be the top results on Google. Then, the more information & photos etc. that you add to your Google Maps listing, the higher up you will appear. And getting lots of reviews on Google Maps is like gold dust!

But you should also be aware that anybody can add a review to your Google Maps business listing, and you can not remove them. It has been known for a competitor to add unfair reviews to Google Maps listings, which will negatively affect your overall rating. Google will not remove these reviews, and all you can do is add a polite reply, explaining that the review is unfair or untrue.

Add your business to Google Maps ▸

However, you can also get customer reviews on your own website, but these can not always be verified. The advantage of these reviews is that Google will pick up your average star rating & show this on the search results – where you see the yellow / gold stars next to a website address. And these reviews are completely under your control, so you can remove unfair or bad reviews.


Using Social Media

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. is a great way to get your business in front of people. And if you can create genuinely interesting content on your website, this encourages people to click on a link & visit your website.
Adding links to your website on Facebook etc. is also great for SEO – as search engines like Google will be scanning Facebook many times per day. If you post a link to your website on Facebook, which is shared by a few people, Google will see this & get directed to your website. And Google will then give your website a little recognition.


When will I see these improvements?

A search engine like Google will take around 4 to 6 weeks to register SEO changes on a website. It is always best to add these systems to a website as soon as it is built, so when Google sees your website for the first time, it will speed up this process.

For existing websites, making major SEO changes can take longer for Google to register, sometimes it can take 4 to 6 months for Google to re-evaluate a website, if there were SEO errors on the website before.

This is why it is always best to use an experienced web designer to build your website, because it takes years of trial & error to find out many of these SEO tips. We have seen many websites over the years, which have been built using DIY website platforms, where there are many little SEO mistakes that really do affect your rankings & hence your business.