Print Advertising Design

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We design and produce a number of adverts each month for a variety of companies & products, mostly in the aesthetics technology industry. We have identified the best publications, by testing the feedback using specific phone numbers, so we can measure the response rate.

Most publications have similar design requirements, usually A4 size, but some are smaller, or require specific sizes for inside cover gate-folds or double page spreads. We work with each publisher to ensure our artwork meets their design requirements.


Design & Sales balance

When designing an advert we always start off with a clean, minimalistic design with a simple message. If you look at the advertising style for some of the top companies in the world, such as Nike or Apple, they always have a simple message and bold imagery.

We always need to find a balance, when the Sales Team get involved and ask us to include multiple messages. We try to condense the messages and create a nice design layout, ensuring the graphics will be crisp & technically sound.


Advertorial Designs

We also create a number of advertorial style designs, which require a well-written article alongside a logo and one or two images. We look at each publication to create something fitting with their style, formatting the text and using similar fonts / margin areas.

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