Salon & Clinic Web Design

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One of our responsibilities is to provide a professional web design, along with professional marketing services to every single customer who purchases a Cosmeditech device. Before this, we provided the same services to Chromogenex. So over the years we have created hundreds of businesses and continue to support them. We basically get customers through their doors, so they can justify their investment.


We have a large number of website templates that we can use and customise for each client, and in most cases the customer is more than happy to go with one of our more popular web design styles. We then modify the web design using their logo and brand colours, adding any functionality they require from their website.

In some cases the customer will provide us with a web design example that they like. We will then create a totally bespoke web design for them, making sure that it is responsive, with a good SEO set-up, and fast loading.


Web Design Examples…

For each clinic or salon website, we try to make them as unique as possible, using stock photography and custom content to describe their other treatments. If they do not already have a brand / logo design, we can also create a nice, professional logo that is suitable for all purposes, digital & print marketing.


Search Engine Optimisation

Of course we set up every web design with good SEO. But we always advise the client to provide as much unique information as possible, so they have a better chance of getting high up in the search results.


Blog Implementation

If a customer is struggling to achieve high rankings on search engines, we continue to work on their website to create unique content. On most occasions we will create a Blog, adding a number of specific articles to their website relating to their targeted services, and giving them the platform to add to the Blog so they are in control of their own website.


Social Media

For each new customer, we provide a number of generic images that they can use on social media platforms to promote their services. For some clients we provide further content, customising the graphics with their logo and brand colours.


PPC Advertising

Most customers will require a PPC / Google Ads campaign. After years of testing campaigns within these specific industries, we have a good template that we can apply to any business.

Of course the results will be effected by the business location, due to the strength of the competition, but on average each campaign produces real customers and more than covers the costs of the device.


Continued support & updates

Every single website needs to be regularly updated. With over 300 clients to manage, this is a big task! If we have provided a WordPress website, we ensure that all software is updated automatically. And we implement email notifications if any problems arise.

We also set up each website with good security in the first place, and advise each client on the importance of security. So far so good!