TargetCool Web Design

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TargetCool is a new device CO2 cooling device supplied by Cosmeditech. They required a dedicated website and comprehensive marketing campaign to launch the product, to raise the maximum amount of awareness about the product.


The device itself uses CO2 gas to accurately numb the skin, for use during aesthetics and cosmetic surgical procedures. And because it is a fairly new device, we needed to structure the marketing in a way that targets the right people, who may not be aware of the new technology, using Facebook and Instagram adverts – as opposed to Google Ads – because it is a product that many people may not be aware of.



The Web Design

The website design is fairly simple, using a custom WordPress theme with a “hero” video on the home page. Of course the main goals were to make the web design mobile friendly – with fast page loading speeds – and SEO ready, using custom written content, structured in a clear and simple way to get the message across.


E Commerce

The TargetCool product requires CO2 gas canisters and adjustable heads, so we needed to provide an e-commerce solution for customers to purchase the consumables.


Advertising Campaigns

As TargetCool is a new device, we ran a number of Facebook and Instagram adverts, targeting people in the medical / surgical / aesthetics / cosmetics industries. Alongside a careful email marketing campaign.



The product was also launched at a number of events in the UK during 2023, including Professional Beauty and ACE Aesthetics, which generated a number of sales. The exhibition display graphics were also produced by Clinical Marketing / ModRed Design.