Exhibition Graphics Design

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A number of our clients attend various exhibitions & shows throughout the UK and usually require large format graphic displays for each new show to promote new products. We design & produce the artwork for each new exhibition, providing high quality print files to the printing company or stand builders. We always work alongside the stand builder to ensure our graphics fit exactly with their sizes & requirements.


Aesthetics Exhibitions

Some exhibitions require slightly unusual design shapes & sizes, such as the slanted lightbox windows you see above. The reverse side of each graphic had to be slanted in the opposite direction to make it fit. So it’s important to have a good visual understanding of the physical space, before designing the graphics. It’s also good to know which graphic panels will be backlit, so we can use lighter & bolder colours that work well with the lighting.


Audio / Visual Installations

We also work with a nationwide company that produces interactive Audio / Visual installations for various schools & cultural sites. They often have an educational or informative function, with audio devices for people to listen to recordings, or interactive touch-screen computer programs with more info about each site.

The example pictured above was installed in a Welsh school to inform the pupils about recycling and how our waste is processed. It presents a large amount of information, but spaced out generously. The sheer size of the graphics allow you to use bold graphics.


Cultural & Educational Exhibitions

The exhibition pictured above was created to remember the musical history of the location and the bands that performed there, with each panel a homage to a specific musical genre. Being installed in a very spacious area, we were able to use the whole height of each graphic panel, as there would be plenty of space around each graphic for easy viewing.


Aerial View of an Exhibition

Above you can see an aerial view of the musical exhibition. There were around 16 panels in total, some featuring interactive elements like a jukebox or a selfie panel, where people can choose wigs and guitars to pose for photos.


Historical Site Renovation

We create large format graphics for all kinds of purposes, such as this historical renovation. A building in Tredegar, South Wales, was the original office & birthplace of the NHS, being where Aneurin Bevan began his career. They required a series of graphics to renovate the property and create infographic panels around the property, informing people of the history of the building.


Infographics Design

We created a number of multilingual infographic panels for the Tredegar installation. The most challenging design was the aerial map graphic which pinpointed various notable locations in the area. It also featured a graphical timeline of the history of the Welsh NHS. Creating the aerial map, with accurate markings, involved a number of graphical processes & tweaks to perfect.


Exterior Signage Design

We also created the logo design & signage for the exterior of the Tredegar building. The logo was inspired by the town’s clock tower and the rolling hills of the Welsh valleys, which was also used for the window frosting, seen in the photo above.